With heavy hearts we send the last of this summer’s campers home. Renert School joined us for a final week of fun to conclude the 2014 camping season.

(Wonderful ‘appliances’ in a campfire skit!)

Renert is a private school from Calgary who took an interest in our camp early in March. Executive Director Megan Anderson made a huge effort to make an arrangement that would be mutually beneficial, and voila! A week with exclusively Renert students was upon us.


As far as programming goes, things ran like usual, and the counselors and campers once again bonded quickly. The ultra hot and sunny weather we were used to seeing moved aside for a cooler, more overcast week. This did not dampen our spirits in any way though, as canoeing, archery and outdoor TCA’s were among the most popular activities, as per usual. A small change to this week was that we offered a 3-Day camp experience, as well as the 5-Day that we are used to. In addition, we allowed the families to come out on Friday to enjoy some food and fun, and see what their children had been up to the past week. 

(Ready, aim, fire!)

This week we had two bullseye clubs, one for the three day campers and one for the five day campers. Assistant Director Chris Viczko took a plate of whip cream straight to the face, and two days later Junior Counsellor Julia McFadden joined him.

Overall, we have a very positive outlook on our time with Renert, and would like to thank them very much for sending their students our way. We hope that we gave them a happy camp experience, and to see them again!

(Scooby Doo campfire!)

We would like to thank the countless donors Kasota has seen this year, volunteers included. Thank you to all the parents and guardians who decided that Kasota was the place for their child/campers, all the board members who work tirelessly to make camp happen each and every year, and our amazing staff for being on the front lines.

(Counselors Eli Wagner, Katherine Janes, Camille Tschabold)

So that’s it, that’s all folks! The kids have come, and the memories forged. Friendships and bonds have been created, some of which will last for years to come. Camp is the definition of acceptance, and the growth we saw on a day to day basis with the campers in our care was tremendous. At a place like this, fully embracing who you are is the norm. This place truly is a piece of heaven on Earth.

(Sunset at vespers)

So, for the last time this camp season, we wish you all the best in everything that you do.

Chris, Katie and Jordan
The 2014 KEC Directors