The 2014 Camp season is here!

With the arrival of hot weather, long nights and a lush green backdrop, the staff at Kasota are back in the camp groove. The school groups that passed through in June (Westpark and Oriole Park) set the furiously fun pace for K-Day.

23 campers between the ages of 5 and 9 joined us for our first official day of camp! That’s almost double last year, securing K-Day in the schedule for years to come. The kids enjoyed a wonderfully sunny day, and it made it the perfect conditions for (a Kasota East Camp classic) Sponge Wars! That, along with canoeing, archery, geocaching, slime making, and painting musical chairs ensured that fun levels were consistently high, all day long!


After a brief 3 day breather, the first week of camp began! We hit the ground running with some blazing hot weather and huge smiles. Tons of energy, excited counselors and fresh new programs were the impetus behind the daily activities. Slingshots, a water trampoline, new science experiments, butterfly feeders and a beautiful new stage for campfire are some of the many new sights to see (and do!) around here! These, along with the traditional Vespers, camp outs, Gaga ball and canoeing have blended together in a way that has put beaming smiles on campers and counselors alike.

(Gaga Ball)

This year’s theme is Make Some Noise, and is brought to us by the brilliant brain of one Megan Anderson! It touches on how we all create our own music, and how that can fit in to the beauty of a bigger picture (or bigger symphony, I guess!). The campers have already been experimenting with instruments made out of everyday objects, to highlight the fact that nothing is without purpose, and that no skill, talent or quirk should be hidden from the world.

(Butterfly feeders)

Hope your summer is going just as great as ours!

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