R5: The Grande Finale

Our last week has rolled in already, and we’re in as much disbelief as you are. We aren’t really surprised, though, busy days fly fast, and we’ve had a lot of those this summer. Our last week features a private school from Calgary taking the trip up here to spend 5 days doing pretty much everything that we do in a regular week!

(Friendship bracelets! Nothing says “I love camp!” more than one of these!)

Team challenges were still fully intact this week, and the shields/crests this week were a whole ‘nother level of awesome. The Water-Balloon-Spoon relay was a nail biter this week, with a few different strategies being employed. We set up every camper with a spoon, then as a team they must transfer the balloon safely to the end of the line. Drops and breaks get time added to your final time!

(Don’t drop it!)

(Quaffle Hut ended up winning the Cabin Showdown. Congratulations fellas!)

As you can see from the picture above, we also had CITs join us again, Renert style! Dubbed “The Leadership Homies” by yours truly, these young adults were present in almost every activity around camp, both participating and helping out as much as they could. When not in session, they were learning skills and techniques to be effective leaders and counselors. Sometimes they got to do their own specialty session, like a CIT canoe trip!

(Clear day for the Leadership Homies to get out on the lake!)

We also welcomed Medicine River Wildlife out to KEC to teach us the importance of preserving the environment, what animals means with their behaviours, and the proper way to deal with wildlife. Carol gave a wonderfully engaging presentation, and brought her friend Otis the Owl! Thanks to Carol and everyone at Medicine River for taking the time to come out. We love you!

(Unfortunately she would not let us keep Otis)

A few Renert admin dropped in throughout the week to join in on the fun as well. It makes us happy that these students return to a place where their teachers and other role models aren’t afraid to get a little silly. Pictured below is Principal Tome Erickson playing Palm Trees!

(Sharp reflexes, beating our counselors, but not the CITs!)

As Friday passed us by, we gave a sad wave to the Renert bus, and to the 2015 camp season. This summer has been another filled with enormous personal growth by all parties, unforgettable memories, and the amazing love that can only be found in special places such as this. We sincerely thank everyone who made this year possible, all the selfless donors, and generous volunteers. This camp will continue to provide a safe, accepting and loving environment for each and every camper as long as the donors, volunteers and supporters continue standing with us.

Good luck to you in everything you do this year, and if things ever get hard, bleak, or frustrating, remember that pieces of heaven on Earth like this exist. That there is sanctuary in this crazy busy world we live in, and it’s found on the shores of Sylvan Lake. So for the last time in 2015: goodbye and thank you.


Chris Viczko
KEC Summer Director

Camille Tschabold
KEC Assistant Director

Clair Hunter
KEC Assistant Director