Let’s Get Down to Business!

The Directors have united! And we are joined by our lovely Summer
Programmer, Krista Jensen! Krista will be assisting with all
things programming (community convo, vespers, activities and theme)
without the administrative obligations of the Directing team. Basically, she’s a super cool helper who will be an integral part of the counselling team when July rolls around


(Krista is pictured here NOT on Facebook. Nice work Krista. Nice work.)

We’re super busy planning all aspects of camp. One of our Assistant Directors, Camille Tschabold, takes an abnormal amount of pleasure in sorting and organizing things. Her love of lists, charts and itineraries are sure to make this summer run smoothly!


(”Let’s organize this tomorrow, along with everything else on here.”- Camille T.)

Claire Hunter, our Waterfront Director, is new to Kasota and brings a new perspective. She has already brought bouncy balls as an addition to our Science Lab session. It is important to have fresh faces at Kasota, they bring novel ideaas that are integral in keeping Kasota relevant and interesting. We are glad to have Claire on board and hope she finds a home here for many years to come!

(Plus, with her handy notepad, nothing gets forgotten!)

Something new we are tackling this year is having a camp in June! Renert, a private school from Calgary, is back for a shortened week towards tythe end of this month. We are so happy to have them back for more smiles, laughter and adventures! Unfortunately, most of our staff is either working or in school during June, so we’ve dug into the archives and recruited some KEC alumni to come in and be part of the counselling team once again!


(To the volunteers: we salute you!)

As we speed through June, we are eagerly anticipating the start of the best season of the year: camping season!

All the best,

Chris Viczko