KEC’s Visioning Process: Why it’s so important.

The past few years have been a challenge for Kasota East Camp. Our traditional camper demographic is changing and we are struggling to compete with an increasingly diverse and specialized camp market. Our rental market is growing, but has created new policy, staffing, and facility challenges. The congregations of the Red Deer Presbytery continue to support us generously, but they, too, are struggling; Aging church populations and growing expenses are a real challenge to our faith community.

Sometimes it feels like we’re fighting a losing battle, yet we know the work we do is so important. Whether it’s a life-changing camp experience, or a gorgeous wedding ceremony, the moments created at KEC can’t be measured with a price. In September the Board of Directors decided it was time to revisit our goals. Through a one-year visioning process we hope to gather data that will help us make informed decisions about site development, programming, policies, and marketing.

Our mission will remain the same: “to model a Christian lifestyle in an outdoor setting within a community that promotes outreach, spiritual awareness, personal growth, and harmonious living.” However, we are ready to take new approaches. How can we better meet the needs of our stakeholders? How can we create new opportunities for our community? We want to make change through a data-driven and stakeholder-informed process. This is why your involvement is so important to us.

November 9th was the first of many ways we will be reaching out to our stakeholders. Visioning Day featured presentations, brain-storming sessions, and open discussion about what needs to change at KEC. We offered a free lunch, childcare, and visioning activities geared toward youth of all ages. 

If you were unable to attend our Visioning Day, please fill out the online stakeholder survey. Your ideas will become part of our process!

Thank you for your continued support!

Megan Anderson
Executive Director

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