K6: Junior Plus. 5 Days of Exhilaration!

Where is this summer going!? In our last regular week of camp, we welcomed a wider age range (8 years to 14 years) to Kasota. This week we resumed the Cabin Showdown because of the older kids and the full week out. Check out the shields from this week!

(The eventual winners were Cabin 3: The Bubble Guppies)

A new TCA we brought in this week was Safari! It involves campers travelling across the ‘KEC Savanna’ and encountering different ‘animals’. These couns– uh… animals have specific tasks, challenges or tests that one would need to complete in order to earn points. For example, our ‘elephant’ is armed with some pool noodles: tag her without getting tagged yourself and you’ve completed her challenge! Other animals were a dolphin (don’t get sprayed!), a hyena (make her laugh!) and an owl (answer his riddle!) along with a few others.

(Junior counselor Maddy Radomsky as the elephant)
We did a new TCA, followed by an old favorite: Mission Impossible. The mission, should you accept, would be to locate all the counselors around camp, earning their special bead. Collect all 7 without getting tagged by the ‘Agents’ running around (which results in losing half your beads) and return to Headquarters to win!

(Senior Counselor Jennifer Ha helps a camper complete his mission)

This week was hot. Reeeallly hot. What better way to cool off than with Sponge Wars. Once again chaos reigned supreme as sponges flew everywhere. Friends are put on hold when this game commences, and nothing is sacred, not even your counselor!


(This means war!!)

(There are no friends, only foes)

After Sponge Wars has run its course we do what any sane person would do in our scenario, we head down to the lake! There, splash fights will settle anything unsolved from Sponge Wars, and our fantastic slide awaits those who are done soaking other people.

(Tube-ular way to relax, dude!)

(Down we go!)

With our second last week in the book, we look forward to a bitter sweet final week when Renert stops by for their annual camp. To those who came this year: we love you, thank you, and see you again next year!

(It’s that time of year when the sun sets before Vespers starts…)

Now its time to bring on the last week!

Lots of love,

Chris, Camille, Claire
KEC Directors