Family Camp, full as can be!

We are still recovering from an amazing family camp and a little behind on our blogging, so apologies for that, but here’s how last week’s adventures panned out!

The week kicked off with over 35 families (thats 100+ people at the camp including staff!) coming together for a week of fun, bonding and a whole lot of laughter. Each family received a counsellor concierge who was their go-to person if they needed anything. Reception was incredibly positive both about this new system and the counsellors in general!

After each family met their cousellor, they were given access to our camp store where they could deck themselves out in some sweet KEC swag! Once everyone got their first game of Gaga ball out of their system, the relaxed pace of family camp took hold.

(Counsellor Greg Delong)

The dynamic age groups of family camp allowed us to bring in some interesting people that we might not see otherwise. We had some visitors to whom we owe huge thank yous for bringing that extra special ‘something’ to an already fun week! Thank you to Tammy Allan from Olds United Church for bring us a Community Conversation filled with self-appreciation and discovery.  Thank you to Jeff Rock from Gaetz United as well, for guiding the following Community Conversation the next evening. He is always a welcome face around here, and his wisdom and kindness is only matched by his easy going and fun personality. Thank you to Carol from the Medicine River Wildlife Center for her enlightening presentation on animal rehabilitation and for brining her friend Otis the Owl with her too! Thank you to Robin Rehill for leading a Zumba session that literally and figuratively took our breath away!

(Robin Rehill leading Zumba)

We also owe some gratitude to some amazing people who joined us as campers this past week! Two families helped us out with our KEC wishlist and donated some items we are very grateful for!  The Ball family donated some very fine life jackets for our canoeing and water sessions, and the Macleod family donated some much needed office and craft supplies. Both donations mean so much to the KEC team, and to the camp. We would also like to thank all of the amazing  campers who spent their days volunteering to do work projects around the site. With their help, we now have a larger swimming area and beach, a beautiful roof for our archery shelter and some lovely Adirondack chairs! Without these kind of people this camp could not run, so a million thanks to all those who donated either time or money to improving our camp, either through the site or through programming!

Some other highlights from the week were a family camp-out night involving a marshmallow roast and some stories around the fire, a kids only camp-out night where there were no parents allowed and whole bunch of kids experiencing tenting in a storm, a crib tournament for all ages and abilities, nightly family canoe trips for some quality family time in a peaceful setting, and counselor babysitting so parents had the chance to take an evening off and relax as they deemed fit. It was a very busy week for all! 

We are so overwhelmed with the amount of amazing people that joined us last week and cannot say enough how much we enjoyed our time spent with each and every one of them! 

Hope your summer is going just as fantastic as ours is,

KEC Directing Team

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