Dear Staff, Parents, Campers, Alumni, and Supporters of KEC,

We have all been discouraged by the cancellation of K1, the first week of our summer program, due to low registration. Lower registration levels for the summer will impact the campers, staff, and volunteers that we care so deeply about. The Board of Directors is exploring every option available to fulfill our commitment to providing a positive experience for both campers and staff. This will not be easy summer, especially for our talented staff who count on KEC for their paycheques.

Our theme for the summer is “You Are The Light”- a call to action that I am extending to each of you. Kasota East Camp must find new ways to connect with the community that supports it. We need to bring a new energy to our camp by imaging new programming, marketing, and alumni involvement. This summer the Board of Directors will be planning big changes for next year. You are invited to light the way by sharing your ideas and concerns. What changes would you like to see at KEC?

In the meantime, we will continue to honour our commitment to campers, staff, and the work of the United Church. This summer still has the potential to light up the lives of so many campers! We were very fortunate that most of the campers registered for K1 were able to switch to a different week. We now plan to run the rest of our summer program even at low numbers so that no other campers miss this opportunity. Please spread the word that KEC is currently offering a “Bring 2 New Campers and Go for Free” promotion.

We are also working to create extra employment opportunities for staff that have lost weeks of work this summer. KEC will be paying some staff to attend the Red Deer Farmer’s Market and Westerner Days to do ground-level promotions. Senior staff will have preference for these opportunities and will receive an honorarium. Kelly has also created labour and programming positions for each week of camp. When these staff aren’t assisting with campers, they will be completing the many odd-jobs that have built up on site.

We need to focus on the light this summer. Not the light at the end of some tunnel, but rather the light within us. We are KEC. I have never crossed paths with more talented, caring, and visionary people than those that I have met through Kasota East Camp. If we pull together and dare to imagine great change for our camp, I believe the results will be rewarding for everyone, especially the campers to whom we owe our purpose.


Megan Anderson
Executive Director