Camp Cleanup 2013 was very productive thanks to an impressive turnout of volunteers and summer staff! 24 of us put our shoulders to the wheel and scrubbed, swept, mowed, fixed, and sorted. The camp will be in tip-top shape for our upcoming camping season.

We owe a special thanks to Janet Ball who provided lunch for our crew.

Sydney Morris was our youngest volunteer. She came all the way from Calgary to help grandma Shirley Gehman. Syndey and Shirley are looking forward to Family Camp this summer.

A huge thanks to our volunteers: Kelly Milne, Vern Lowe, Janet Burghardt & Brian Godlonton, Tess, Donna, & Megan Anderson, Janet Ball & Charlie Ball, Leo Quaife, Cristy & Regan Rusaw, Kevin Flaman, Hannelore Beach, Ernest & Nyna Marr, Deb Marsh, Jessica Dore, The Defoes, Shirley Gehman & Sydney Norris,