Teen Week: Rain and Gaga ball

Each and every summer we get some almost-but-not-quite adults out for 5 days of fun. It’s mostly the regular fun activities we see in our other youth camps, but with this age group we can step up some of our crafts, sports and sessions for a more skilled and mature crowd.


(You are never too mature to rock the inflatable shark in the swim area, though)

One of the things we allow our teens to do that is tough with younger hands is spray paint art. This session has gained ground since its introduction three years ago, and is slowly becoming a KEC classic. Armed with stencils that were slaved over by our Executive Director Megan Anderson, these guys constantly show us that an artistic eye can be had at any age. Also we won’t ask questions about why they are so good with spray paint… 😉


(Turns out that neon pink spray paint canister likes to splatter a bit!)


(That’s the look of two smilin’ artists!)

The major program highlight of Teen Week is, of course, the annual Gagaball tournament. Unfortunately the heavens had opened that morning and were drenching our Gaga pit outside, but when have we ever let the weather stop us? We grabbed a few benches from our camp fire area, dried them off, and made a functional Gaga pit inside Ross Lodge!


(Shown here are Cabin 1 and Cabin 2 squaring off in a heated battle)

Cabin 2 ended up taking the whole competition after finishing 2nd in the round robin. Over 2 hours straight of Gagaball later, they were crowned the best in the camp. They each got their name wood-burnt onto the new and improved Gagaball trophy!


(The most coveted trophy on planet Earth)

Teen week started off the same way K1 did: hot hot hot. This, however, gave way to the rain by about Wednesday, and our main field started looking a lot healthier than it had in a while! The cooler temperatures kept us wrapped up in hoodies, but did nothing to temper our energy or sense of adventure. Check out some more pictures from the week!


(We busted out our new slip n slide for the first time this season! As you can see, it works like a dream!)


(How to do your hair is an important decision during teen week)


(Leather bracelets: stylish and easy!)

Week two has blasted by, and as we prepare for family camp, we have to remind ourselves to take while we’re breath out here. All it takes is a quiet Vespers by the lake to let it sink in how lucky we are.


(Mmm I wanna linger, mmm a little longer)

From all of us out here at KEC, we hope you are having an amazing summer, because we sure are.

Yours in camping,

Chris Viczko, Camille Tschabold, Claire Hunter
KEC Directors



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