Summer 2021 Updates

Important Updates on Summer 2021

Hello KEC Family, our inbox is filling up with inquiries about the upcoming summer. Like you, we are optimistic that Summer 2021 will allow us to return to in-person camp experiences, even if they are a bit different than usual. While we are eager to return to camp, we are proceeding cautiously to ensure that any programming we offer follows the most current best-practices and guidelines related to COVID-19 safety. Because COVID-19 demands an ever-evolving response from our government, communities, and businesses, the information we are sharing with you today reflects our best efforts to plan for the summer ahead, but is subject to change as we learn more.

Youth Camps: Scenarios 1 & 2

Right now, we are planning for 2 different youth camp scenarios. Scenario 1 will involve offering our usual schedule of overnight camps for children and youth. Our capacity and group activities will be modified to follow provincial guidelines. Scenario 2 will involve offering day-camps that campers sign up for in weeklong blocks. Again, our capacity and group activities will be modified to follow provincial guidelines. Currently, the Alberta Government has grouped day camps and overnight camps in Phase 4 of reopening, so it is unlikely that we will have to resort to Scenario 2 unless major changes in the provincial reopening plan arise.

Counselor in Training Program

This summer, we will be prioritizing our CIT program, and opportunities for families to access our site as campers or rental groups.

Our CIT (Counselors in Training) Program plays an important role in developing future camp leaders to continue the KEC legacy. Offering a CIT program this summer is our #1 priority as we are already looking forward to a return to business as usual in 2022. To ensure that we meet cohorting guidelines, we are modifying our CIT program to fit within one-week rather than the 1.5 week program we usually offer. CITs will still be exposed to the same training and information, but their “practicum time” with campers will be modified to follow provincial guidelines around cohorting.

Family Camping Program

We are planning to offer 1-2 modified Family Camps for the summer of 2021. What we know for sure is that families will be participating in cohorts as family-only or small pre-arranged cohorts. We will be offering programming and activities, but these may look different than other years depending on provincial health guidelines. Meals will still be provided, but again, how this looks will depend on provincial guidelines.

On weekends, we plan to offer access for rental groups. This does not include programming, but does include access to the Washhouse, waterfront, campfire area, and our beautiful site. Maximum rental sizes will be determined by provincial guidelines.

At this time, we are not taking registration for our CIT and Family Camp programs, or taking deposits on weekend site rentals. However, you can access the link below to sign-up for waitlists these offerings.

KEC Waitlist

Scenario 3: Limited or No Programming

Though it is disheartening to consider, there is a third scenario in which we will not be able to operate summer programming. Whether this arises because of government restrictions or our own judgement, it will reflect our desire to put the safety of people first. If we are unable to offer overnight or day-camp programming, we will explore other ways to engage supporters in camp, through volunteer projects that allow social distancing, fundraising campaigns, and digital programming.