Say Goodbye to July! K4 Caps Off Our First Month

With the never-ceasing sun warming our camp and keeping smiles on our faces, our second Junior camp (ages 8-12) was destined to be an outrageously fun time.


(Water Balloon Toss challenge)

Another group of youngsters joined us for a week that included mashed potato sculptures, shield building, and plenty of lake activities! Also joining us for their first (out of two weeks) was seven CITs, or Counsellors in Training. These are campers that have aged out but are too young yet to be a counsellor. They have a two week program, where the first week was learning policies, procedures, how to be an effective leader, and other skills necessary to be a great counsellor. This was done under the direct supervision of the directors, and will pave the way for the following week where they will be placed in a cabin. In this way they will see first hand what it means to be an excellent counsellor.


(Six out of seven CITs! One had to leave early)

We kicked off the week with the campers selecting team colors and a team name. This immediately set the tone for a wacky, competitive and fun-filled Cabin Showdown, which is a cabin-to-cabin competition for points (handed out by the directors for doing well in challenges, having good teamwork, or being respectful, etc.) where the the winning cabin earns breakfast in bed on the last day of camp.


(Each Cabin’s team logo)

As the week went on, the kids enjoyed our Kasota classics like Gagaball, canoeing and mafia. We also brought back Mashed Potato Sculptures, which made an appearance earlier in the summer. This involves the entire cabin manipulating a pile of mashed potatoes into art! As with all the challenges throughout the week, the winner was awarded with plenty of points for their cabin.


(Cabin 2’s beautiful potato flower sculpture)

Friday came a little too fast for our liking, but there were a couple of highlights that only the last day of camp can bring. First, the winner of the Cabin Showdown got breakfast in bed. Congratulations to the Cabin 3 #Selfies for their victory


(The Cabin 3 #Selfies taking a #selfie after their victory breakfast)

And the final cherry of the week was watching the bullseye club winner pie a member of staff. The bullseye club runs the entire week and is for any camper who can hit a bullseye at archery. On the last day, those who have achieved this head to the pit and have a shoot-off. The camper who puts an arrow closest to the bullseye gets to throw a paper plate full of whip cream in the face of a counselor or director. The winner of the Bullseye Club this week was Keaghan Arnold!

(Counsellor Jessica Doré was this week’s victim. Bullseye!)

So life is pretty good, and we don’t have a lot to complain about around here! Good campers, good weather, great summer!


(Summer Director Katie Turner and Lifeguard Matt Wagner)


Katie, Jordan and Chris
KEC Directing team

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