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There’s no experience quite like camp. From the moment our campers settle into their bunks, they become part of a community that couldn’t exist in any other place, at any other time, or with any other group of people. The interactions within this special community build character, confidence, and compassion that spill out into the “everyday world” when campers return home.

We believe that anticipating camp is part of the experience. Please contact us if the resources on our website don’t answer your questions. We want you to feel prepared and excited as camp approaches.



These items affect the camp atmosphere by distracting campers or compromising safety and privacy:

  • Digital and Wi-Fi ready devices.
  • Knives, weapons, imitation weapons, safety pins.
  • Sexually explicit, profane, violent, or drug/alcohol related apparel and magazines.
  • Illicit drugs or alcohol.
  • Money (you won’t need any during camp).
We’ll keep your campers so well fed that they won’t need snacks! Snacks attract mice and pests into our cabins. We also want to protect campers with allergies. If you do send snacks, we ask that you hand them in to us at Drop-Off. Campers can access their snacks throughout the day.

KEC is a no-nut facility! Do not send snacks that contain traces of tree nuts or peanuts.

Absolutely! Please keep in mind that campers don’t always remember to protect their cameras from the elements.

KEC requires parents and campers with digital cameras to review our Internet & Media Privacy Policy.

We stockpile toothbrushes, deodorant, and other personal care items in case a camper forgets something. We also have spare sleeping bags and pillows that are washed and ready! Our goal is to save parents/guardians a trip back to camp, but if a camper forgets something really important, they can drop it off.


Arrival and departure times are included in your registration confirmation e-mail. You can also find them on the “Camps” page of our website.
Unsupervised guests can pose safety risks. Before camp starts, our staff are buys getting ready for registration.

We offer tours of camp as part of registration and would love to show you around at that time!

Please notify the Summer Director during Camper Drop-Off. Alternately, you can contact the Summer Director by phone BEFORE you arrive to pick up your camper.
As long as all waivers, medical forms, and registration have been completed, you are welcome to send your camper to camp with someone you trust.
Only people you identify during registration, or on Drop-Off Night, can pick up a camper.
Contact the Summer Director ASAP so we can plan accordingly and let your camper know. Please understand that waiting for a late ride can be a very anxious experience for your camper.


If your camper will require special OTC, or prescription medications during their stay, you must:

  • Label each medication with the camper’s name, medication, prescribing doctor and phone number, and brief directions for use.
  • Fill out a Distribution of Medication Form and hand in ALL meds during Camper Drop-Off.

You can specify if a camper needs to keep their inhaler or epi-pen on their person.

We keep common over-the-counter (OTC) medications for aches and pains, coughs and colds, itches and scratches, and indigestion.


Campers LOVE receiving surprise mail when they are at camp! You can contact your campers in 3 ways:

  • Send us an e-mail for your camper. We’ll deliver it within the day.
  • Create notes in advance and put them in our Camper Mailbox during Drop-Off. We’ll deliver your letters on the days you label them for.
  • Make your camper a note at our Camper Mail station during Drop-Off.
While we discourage phone calls because they disrupt the camp experience, we recognize that some campers might need to make or receive a call due to anxiety or special circumstances. We trust that you’ll only make calls if necessary, and never deny you access to your camper! We will get your approval before letting a camper call home.