K6, Where has the summer gone!?

Our largest camp came late this summer, with 40 kids from all over Alberta joining us for the week.


(Counsellors Katherine Janes and Madison Bellerive in opening night campfire)

Some returning campers mixed in with a large proportion of fresh faces that have never been to Kasota before, where they discovered the intensity of Gagaball and the joy of a nice canoe ride on Sylvan Lake.


(Senior counsellor Matt Wagner going for a float)

Things started off with a bang this week, as heRo Sham Bo came alive in the main field. This game is a version of Rock, Paper, Scissors where you become the personal cheering squad for whoever beats you. If the person who defeated you then gets beat, you now have a new winner to cheer for. In the end, there will be two massive crowds, each cheering on a person. Several rounds of this energizer were played, to the delight of everyone.


(The final two do rock paper scissors as the whole camp is cheering for their respective champion)

Our Cabin Showdown made its glorious return this week, with seven cabins vying for the coveted breakfast in bed. Each cabin put their two selected colors to work on a banner this time, instead of shield. The banner stood proud at the entrance to each of the cabins.


(Cabin 4 was Team Camille! Perhaps inspired by their stellar counsellor?)

The mash potato sculptures were a definite favorite among our challenges this week. Each cabin received a pile, and were given a set amount of time to wow the judges. Cabin 1’s lion won us over with its combination of creativity and sculpting skill.


Things are still in full swing here, despite everyone dreading the fast approaching end of this summer. Cling to the last warm weeks with all you have!


KEC Directing Team