K5: You Don’t Know Cute Until You’ve Seen Primary Week.

Our shortened week heralded 6 to 9 year olds (although a 5 and 10 year old somehow snuck in). This age group is unique for a few reasons, the first being that their ‘precious level’ is off the charts. They also are so easy to entertain, so when we do some of our smash hit activities (like Survivor dodgeball, or Clue) they get super into it. Their motor skills aren’t quite what a 12 year olds are, so the majority of our programming follows the “keep it simple” mantra, for the benefit of everyone involved.

(What’s better than taking a marker to paper?)

We started off Tuesday evening with a hot dog roast over at our Campfire/Stage area. Despite being quite young, these kids know a thing or two about roastin’ a dog!

(Junior Counselor Eli Wagner enjoying dinner with her girls)

After that we had our first TCA (Total Camp Activity) called Gold Rush. The point of the game is to enter the opposing team’s area, grab their “gold” pieces and get back without being tagged. “Jail” awaits those who are tagged on an opponents side, and being rescued by a teammate is your ticket home. Greg is one of our senior male counselors known for being fast as lightning. Unfortunately for him, the other team devised a strategy to render him useless!

(Greg isn’t going anywhere fast)

(Unorthodox prison rescue, but it’s all the same)

Next up was a campfire, where campers dance moves were put to the test! Most nights at camp we have a “Campfire”, where a few counselors will take to the stage with a story in mind and act it out, like an interactive play. These stories are 100% made up by our staff and involve skits, songs, improvisation and audience interaction. We are often told that Campfires are a highlight of a week out at camp, and all credit goes to the wonderful counselors who construct these entertaining shows for us. Have a look at some of the highlights from this year!

(Mad Scientist/Bug’s Life Campfire: K1)

(Gym Rat Campfire: K2)

(Shipwreck/Castaway Campfire: K3)

(Knight’s Campfire: this week!)

Unfortunately, K5 is only 3 days longs, so we waved goodbye a little earlier than we would have liked. It was short and sweet, but that didn’t stop some amazing connections being made between staff and campers, nor memories forging that will hopefully last a lifetime.

(A sunset and a new friend)

It really doen’t get better than this. As we race through August we just want to wish you an amazing rest of your summer! Until next week!

Yours truly,

Chris, Claire, Camille
KEC Directors

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