K1: Week of the Tooth Fairy

Summer has officially arrived at Kasota! And with 45 bright young ones joining us out here, it arrived with a bang! The opening of our camp season heralded endless laughter, broad smiles, epic moments in the Gaga pit, and… a lot of teeth falling out! A grand total of 5 kids lost a tooth (thankfully all of them were ready to come out!) which meant a busy week for the Tooth Fairy. Luckily, our Assistant Director Camille Tschabold has her number on speed dial, so she arrived each night to replace the tooth with a bag of sweets, a mini Listerine bottle, a toothbrush, and a wonderful note of congratulation!

(Here are some boys pictured with our Omnikin ball! The tooth fairy visited the one on the right later in the week)

Apart from the weird number of pearly whites falling out, the campers enjoyed all the things we know and love about Kasota. Canoeing and Archery were (predictably) in high demand all week long. The scorching hot week brought on the need for us splash around in Sylvan Lake and toss around some water balloons. Shade was some valuable real estate, and all outdoors crafts were brought under the cool sanctuary of the trees.

(The water was a much needed relief from the heat)

(Three cheers for shade! This photo also features a new craft this year: flower pots! Decorate a pot, fill it with soil, and choose a Marigold or Begonia to keep as your own!)

Resuming this year was the Cabin Showdown! With 7 cabins all vying for the coveted prize (breakfast in bed on Friday), the competition was as hot as the weather! Kicking things off was the traditional “Naming, Painting, and Cheering” challenge, in which each cabin needed to pick a cabin name for the week, a cheer that they share with the rest of the camp, and design a crest that is related to their name. This weeks’s winner was Cabin 5, better known as the The Bacon Strips!

(Here are the Bacon Strips, filled up from breakfast in bed!)

It is such a huge relief to finally get rolling this summer. All the anticipation and planning is now manifesting itself into an incredible 5 days of fun with some amazing children. Being in the business of kids and of fun affords us a ton of variety when planning, but sometimes we fall short in terms of funds. We at Kasota would like to thank the many donors we have each season: you keep us alive and well! Any donations can be made by calling us at 403 887 5757, emailing us at kasotaeastcamp@gmail.com or mailed to RR1 Site 2 Box 1 Sylvan Lake, AB, T4S 1XS (addressed to Kasota East Camp). Any and all donations make a difference and help in keeping our campers safe, happy, and healthy!

(Kasota thanks Reg and Audrey Viczko for the donation of a turf to our Gaga pit! No more dust!)

With K2 upon us already, we must bid adieu! Let the good times roll!

Yours in camping,

Chris Viczko, Director
Camille Tschabold, Assistant Director
Clair Hunter, Assistant Director

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