I’m not Steven Spielberg, but I am the Director…

My name is Christopher Viczko, and this summer I have the honour of being the Director of Kasota East Camp. I am 22 years old, and I am going into my last year of BSc/BEd program at the University of Alberta. I am joined by Katherine Janes and Camille Tschabold, who are my Assistant Directors. It would be a vast understatement to say that I am very excited to discover what this year has in store for us.


(Hopefully a summer full of TERRARIUMS! Best. Summer. Ever.)

I first discovered my summer home when I asked my friend (now a former counselor) what her plans were for summer work.  She gave me the name of this camp, and a few months later I found myself surrounded by smiles and laughter, and discovering the place that I love most in this world. I counseled for the next 2 summers after that, and had my first taste of being on the directing team last year. In this, my fifth summer after I discovered Kasota, I now find that I have the responsibility of running it.


(I have some pretty big shoes to fill! Last years’ Directors Jordan Aimoe and Katie Turner were the best mentors I could ask for. Katie and I are pictured here, protecting the camp from villains.)

Last year I took hold of some of Kasota’s online aspects, and I intend to further the camp’s presence in cyberspace. I found that in our current digital climate, Kasota could only benefit from effort being placed in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and blog updates (such as this!). Megan Anderson, the Executive Director, began these initiatives, and in tandem with the Directors and Board members, the camp has seen success on this front. With an active social media comes the need for pictures. Camp life lends itself so well to photography, and I think images snapped during the week can really convey the energy and fun that occurs here to those who have not experienced it.


(Captain Canada and Boy Canuck! Canada’s own super duo)

I have seen a number of Directors and Assistant Directors in my time at Kasota, and learned management techniques from each. Effective Directors are involved in camp life, and push counselors to reach their potential in a positive way. My love of camp will naturally draw me to the day to day activities, and I am dedicated to having each and every counselor learn and grow on a personal and professional level in the two months that I oversee their work.


(Katie and Jordan involved in the much coveted “window” role in a campfire skit.)

This year’s theme is A Spark. A Flame. A Fire. Once again this is the brainchild of one Megan Anderson (KEC’s Executive Director, and the boss of yours truly). Each year’s theme is meant to add a symbolic representation to the personal growth, the message of God and the values we hold so dear at Kasota. To me, camp is the definition of acceptance. It is the reason I can smile as my classes come to an end, and the reason my smiling muscles are sore by the end of August. It is my home;  a spiritual sanctuary that cannot be defined by words, only a feeling inside. The love of camp was a spark, five short years ago, and now it is a blazing fire. Come July, I intend to ignite that love and and fuel that passion in as many people as I can; campers, parents and staff alike.


(52 days until the first official Vespers of 2015. I will never miss this view.)

Thanks for reading!

Yours in Christ,

Christopher Viczko
KEC Summer Director 2015