May 8 Update: Cancellation FAQs


These are some of the questions that have arisen from our public announcement on May 2, 2020. You can read the announcement here:

Q: If camp isn’t running this summer, what is KEC fundraising for right now?

A: Even though we won’t have all of the expenses associated with staffing and running summer camps, we still have an aging site to maintain and insure. We have to pay for banking expenses, software licenses, office supplies, and lots of other boring stuff you probably don’t think of when you think “summer camp!”

Q: Will there be any sort of summer programming offered in lieu of camp being cancelled?

A: We hope so! We are currently exploring different ideas for how we can provide entertainment, inspiration, and connection to our KEC family. Our decisions will be based on community engagement, so please participate in this survey before May 31st:

Q: How are refunds being issued to campers who were registered for camp this summer?

A: We have already started issuing refunds to campers. Refunds are being processed as cheques that we hope to have in the mail by May 11. It is a long process and we really appreciate your patience!

Q: Will any staff be hired this summer?

A: Unfortunately we will not be hiring a counseling team or kitchen team this summer in light of the fact that we are not operating onsite programming. We will not be hiring summer staff in any capacity this summer unless we receive funding through the Canada Summer Jobs Grant. We apply to CSJ every year to help subsidize the cost of our staff, and usually receive some funding. That said, CSJ will be issued differently this year and we are still waiting to find out.

Q: How will KEC ensure that the property and buildings are maintained this summer?

A: The Board of Directors is currently exploring different strategies to ensure that routine maintenance and cleaning continue at KEC. We are also exploring ways to mobilize volunteers with the appropriate skills and training to help with non-routine maintenance and any special projects if the opportunity arises.

Q: Will the tiered reopening plan released by the Alberta Government mean camp might still run this summer?

A: Unfortunately not. While we remain open minded about opportunities to host small gatherings or rentals later in the summer, we do not feel that attempting to put together a camp program at the last minute would serve the safety and well being of our staff and campers.

Q: Will the tiered reopening plan released by the Alberta Government mean KEC could offer rentals this summer?

A: We are open minded about this possibility, but will not reopen camp to rentals until we are confident we can go over and above the safety recommendations outlined by Alberta Health Services and the Alberta Camping Association.

Q: What are some ways I can support KEC right now other than making a monetary donation?

A: One of the best ways to support camp right now is to stay involved! You can help us by forwarding our announcements and updates to others. You can encourage us by participating in our social media posts. You can spread word about us to other families who might benefit from access to the online programming we offer this summer. Right now, you can help us by participating in the Community Engagement Survey to help us better understand how to support you this summer.

May 2 Update: Summer Season Cancellations

Hello KEC Family,

After prayerful consideration and hours of discussion, we are ready to announce that Kasota East Camp will not be operating summer camps or rentals this summer season. Our decision reflects the current social distancing plan outlined by Alberta Health Services as well as recommendations from the Alberta Camp Association. We care deeply about the people and communities that make up our camp family, and we know that this is the right decision to protect everyone’s health and safety. This decision has many implications that are still unfolding, and we will do our best to keep you informed of new information as we have it.

To our talented and devoted staff: We know that summer without camp breaks your hearts as much as our own. Many of you count on working at camp to earn money for post-secondary and other needs. It weighs heavily on our hearts that we cannot offer you employment this summer. The kindness and creativity you offer our campers goes far beyond any wage we could pay you! Please know that you are not alone as you navigate this challenging summer. We are currently exploring ways to provide staff outreach and support through social media. We want to connect our staff to each other and the campers and families who adore them.
To our campers and families: Summer camp is often a little escape from life’s bigger worries. We recognize that you are coming to terms with many challenges and disappointments right now. You are not alone either! KEC is devoted to finding creative ways to support you with programming, resources, and encouragement this summer. In the meantime, we will be issuing full refunds to everyone who registered for camp this summer.

To our donors and volunteers: As always, your donations of time and money help sustain the programs and facilities at KEC. If you are able, please support the fundraisers, donation drives, and volunteer projects we announce in coming months. Losing income from our summer camps and rentals means a challenging financial year for KEC, but we know our struggles are not happening in a bubble. So many of you are affected by the ailing energy sector and pandemic-related closures. During these hard times we want you to know that we cherish your support in whatever form it takes.

Lastly, we want to reassure you that we are moving forward with hope. While we may be uncertain about the road ahead, we are very certain of God’s love, your generosity, and the creativity of KEC’s staff and volunteers. We remain open to new possibilities as the summer unfolds.

The first step in moving forward is communicating with you. On May 4th we will release a Community Engagement Survey. Please participate in this survey to help us understand what kinds of programming and support you would like over the coming months.

Yours in Camping,

Megan Anderson
Director of Summer Programs

Angela Wymann-Richter
Director of Operations